Monday, May 31, 2010

Shelves To Read 2010

One thing I’ve noticed about book bloggers is the frequency of allusions to increasing numbers of bought-but-not-read books.  From what I can tell my shelves are more moderate than some: in part due to shelf space limitations, right now I keep my unread books to about two (occasionally overflowing) shelves.  But I thought it might be fun to actually see more of these shelves of unread books that people so frequently mention.  How extensive are they?  What do they have on them?  Is there any organization specific to them?  So I’m offering mine up, in what I hope to be something of a yearly tradition that might reveal how much or how little the shelves change from year to year as I either pull from them or bypass them for a new release or inspired purchase.  If you are reading this, I encourage you to play along and post a picture of your own, and leave a note so I know where to find it!

The only organization to speak of here is top shelf vs. bottom.  The upper shelf has books that I would like to read relatively “soon” simply out of current interest.  The bottom shelf has less priority.  It doesn’t mean those books will not get read, but they are subject to more random whim.  There are, though, a couple of books there that I may never read, either from lack of interest or because I never had any but own them because they were freebies.  The longest-sitting book currently on the shelves?  The Modern Library edition of Le Morte D’Arthur (in a now out-of-print paperback), bought circa 1999-2000.

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