Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here's some fun: Throughout September, the University of Chicago Press is giving away e-book copies of their facsimile of the original 1906 Chicago Manual of Style. In addition, they will be giving away a new e-book each month (I believe the link in the previous sentence will go to whatever the current book happens to be).

It looks like the real amusement in the facsimile hides out in the Appendix advice to copyeditors and their fellow workers. The relationship between the (male) proofreader and his (female) copyholder (who, it appears, reads the original to the proofreader while he reviews his copy) is well-regulated. For him, we have such statements as "Let her work out her own salvation" and "She likes to, and can do it." She is reminded, "you are the housekeeper of the proof-room."

[Update, as I'm on the subject of free books: I just want to add a quick thanks to John Williams, who has been giving away a few books as part of a fascinating focus on William James over at The Second Pass. Courtesy of John, I'll be receiving a copy of a collection of William James's essays, The Heart of William James. I look forward to reading it.]

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