Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shelves To Read 2011

Last year at this time I noticed frequent side remarks on book blogs about the stacks of books that people have bought but haven’t yet read, and I thought it might be nice to actually have a photo of my “to read” shelves. I thought it might be nice to make this into a yearly event, so here is the updated version of my “to read” shelves.

It’s fun to compare to last year’s shelves and see where I’ve made progress—and where I haven’t. I’ve moved the “to read” books to a different, slightly slimmer bookshelf than before, so I’ve done a fairly good job of reading more than I buy in the past year. For now, at least, the books all fit the shelves! Of course, some of this may have to do with strategic weeding of the lower shelf, which has the lower priority items…

I hope to be reading a number of these books this summer, so this is about as close to a preview as this blog will ever have.

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