Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shelves to Read 2012

Keeping up with past years’ practice, I took a picture of the shelves of books I have collected to read in the future but not gotten to yet. It is a short-hand way to get a sense of one changing aspect of my reading life. For a while I have had the idea in mind to try to narrow the books down from two shelves to one, in part to free up the space and in part because I don’t think it is really necessary to have that many books in the queue. Maybe I’ve made some small dent this year, with some open space on both the upper and lower shelves. I’ve managed to read a number of things on the shelf last year, not buy too many new books, and cut a few I have resigned myself to never reading (I can’t even remember now why I wanted to read Netherland, which looks to be a kind of book I would find awfully dull). Still, never know when I’ll suddenly splurge and get a whole chunk of books that will fill the shelves right back up again.

Previous editions: 2011, 2010.

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